Discovering Coder shortcuts

One of the first question people ask when starting with Glamorous Toolkit concerns the list of editor shortcuts.
Indeed, these shortcuts are not yet visible in the user interface. Still, we should be able to learn these shortcuts from the system itself.
Indeed, we can. Take a look below.
Method coder shortcuts
Method coder shortcuts
GtMethodCoder new
Reveals the keybindings in a dedicated view. Selecting a keybindings points to the code that defines it. Similarly, we can learn about the shortcuts from the Playground snippets as well by inspecting:
GtCoderSnippet new
Playground snippet shortcuts
Playground snippet shortcuts
Most of these shortcuts, like inspect or finding implementors are rather pervasive. And we now have an explanation in the environment in the form of a document.
At the same time, Glamorous Toolkit is a moldable environment that can change while we use depending on the context. And shortcuts can appear and dissapear with that context, too. Thus, while a static view of the shortcuts is useful for newcomers, a dynamic view like the one presented here, can be relevant for more advanced users.